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      Galina Kakovkina (Matissova) is an artist from Nizhniy Novgorod, a painter — participant of numerous art exhibitions and projects, one of the founders of creative association of artists "Cherniy Prud"
    Her creative biography began with regional exhibition in 1976. Within next several years she took part in many flat exhibitions of nonconformists.
    In 1987 at an exhibition in Moscow at VDNKh All-Russian Exhibition Centre one of Galina's works gained a medal. Soon some paintings were purchased by The Vladimir-Suzdal state historical, architectural and art museum-reserve.
In 1987 Galina Kakovkina with friends establishes creative association "Cherniy Prud", which played a considerable role in a cultural life of the province and returned public interest to true, independent art. Members of the association held a lot of exhibitions in native city, in the Volga region and in Moscow. These years Galina had great personal exhibitions in Nizhniy Novgorod, Cheboksary, Ioshkar Ola. Chuvash,
Mari-L and Nizhniy Novgorod museums purchased her works in there collections.
    In 1990s Galina Kakovkina took part in big projects "Drugoe pokolenie" ("Other generation") and "Drugoe pokolenie-2" ("Other generation-2"), that gathered the best artists from the Volga region, who's creative work was out of the system of "socialistic realism". Authors of the project were Lubov Saprykina and Anna Gor (art directors of the "Caryatid" gallery, later — of the Nizhniy Novgorod branch of the State Centre for Contemporary Art). Exhibitions took place in Moscow (Central House of Artist), Nizhniy Novgorod (Nizhniy Novgorod State Art Museum)
    In 1995 1996 Gallery "Caryatid" spends the series of Galina's personal exhibitions ("Walk in the Garden", "Between a Thing and Emptiness", "Time Name"), and also Galina Kakovkina and Liubov Saprykina together with the Nizhniy Novgorod TV create video project "Painting Interpretation".
    "Walk in the Garden" exhibition opened the theme of road in Kakovkina's art. Road as the symbol of life-way and the end of it as meeting with Unknown excites the artist very much. In 1999 Nizhniy Novgorod State Art Museum presented an exhibition named "Composition with the Road", where author continues the reflections upon symbols of leaving time (series "Russian Landscape") Theme of a way was the most full and deeply developed in "The Way Home" project (Nizhniy Novgorod State Art Museum, 2008).
    In 1998 Nizhniy Novgorod Exhibition Center held Galina's personal exhibition "Light. Fragments", in which she tries to identify light as the mystical category. On her canvases solved in very dark scale of colors, light is presented by rare and very bright patches - flashes of hope in the world of shades.
    But the main genre in Kakovkina's art is the still-life. Red and black pots standing against the background of placid landscape are mysterious and significant. Glass vessels are like transpired range of realities. Bouquets are very different, painted brightly and with venture, impressing spectator with kaleidoscope pattern.
     Galina Kakovkina has her own, original, easily identifiable style in art. It is characterized by search for harmony, vital atmosphere, rich fantasy in color use.
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instagram: galya_kakovkina